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    There is only two things that you will take away from your Wedding Day and expect them to last you a lifetime, 1. The Person you just married 2. Your Wedding Rings
  • Why Do We Give Wedding Rings ?

    Wedding Rings

    For many years, men and women have exchanged rings during their wedding vows in order to symbolize their dedication to one another. But how did the wedding ring come about? Was it always a part of history or did it replace an older tradition and why are rings important to married couples today?


    It is believed that the very first exchange of wedding rings happened in Egypt some three thousand years ago. Back then, the rings were traditionally made out of braided reeds or hemp that the couple exchanged during their unity. The circle represented eternity and the ring was meant to symbolise the love between a couple lasting a lifetime. They also wore the ring on their left fourth finger, the ring finger, allegedly because they believed there was a vein there that connected directly to the heart.


    No one knows exactly how the wedding ring began in other countries around the world, but in the 15th century, Europeans began to wear rings, including the men. Once a man proposed to his love, he too would wear a ring until the day of their wedding, when the ring interlocked with the brides. She would then wear both the rings on her finger.

    Diamond Wedding Ring It wasn't until 1477 that the first diamond wedding ring is said to have been used by Archduke Maximilian of Austria when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy. The ring had diamonds spelling out the letter 'M' in the ring. This process of lettering with jewels on wedding rings wasn't usually seen though until the 1800s when Victorians would spell out terms of endearments for their loved one using diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious gems.

    Throughout history there has been a smattering of accounts of rings being used to signify the love between husband and wife. In the earlier years it was used more as a way for men to know if a woman was taken or not, and men usually did not wear rings. It wasn't until the 1940s that men really started to wear wedding rings, and now it is popular for men to wear them and even more options than ever are available for rings.

    Rings used to symbolise betrothal or that ones woman was his property, but like the ancient Egyptians used them for, they also symbolize the eternal love between a couple who exchange their vows. Rings are a way of giving your commitment of love and faithfulness to your spouse when you slip it on their finger.

    Even now Wedding Rings rings are popular, though in a much different style than they once were. Couples now have seemingly endless choices of rings from traditional diamonds and yellow gold to engraving, different designs and stones and much more. The jewellery world has changed in order to create more unique pieces that men will buy for their girlfriends to match their likes, personality, or even their favorite pop culture reference. A ring based on popular culture for couples that has been seen recently by craftsmen is a Star Wars ring, depicting a grand design with the words “I Love You” and “I Know” on the rings, usually adorned with a stone of the couples choice. This was designed after the famous exchange between Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo.
    Rings today still symbolise what they did to the ancient Egyptians; love, the promise of faithfulness and dedication to your loved one. It will be interesting to see how rings change in another one hundred years.

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