Should I Buy A Cheap Wedding Ring?

There is only two things that you will take away from your Wedding Day and expect them to last you a lifetime,

1. The Person you just married

2. Your Wedding Rings


With this in mind shouldn't you buy the best wedding ring your budget allows.

The average cost of a wedding is now £25,000 of which just 3% (£750) of this budget is spent on the wedding rings, the other 97% (£24,250) you will never see again. Doesn't it make sense to spend more on the one thing from your wedding day that you will be wearing for the rest of your married life.

Wedding rings come in many weights and precious metals, from traditional Plain bands  to the now popular Diamond and Gem set examples. Maybe skim the odd 1%  off  here and there from the many other things on your list, (whose going to miss one less vol-au-vent) and put these savings to buying the best wedding rings you can. A good wedding ring will last you your lifetime and something you can maybe pass on to your Children one day.which-hand-wedding


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